"Bragging Page"

Just wanted to say "Thank You guys for finding my buck today. I have to say we were very impressed with Jake "James Dog". To James, Kevin and Dakota "Kevin's son", you guys are great. We will highly recommend you to everyone! Fast, friendly, and very efficient.

Kathy Wilkerson, Jackson, LA

On November 24, 2011 I received a phone call from Taddi Brown. Taddi told me her husband had shot a deer in Clinton, LA and could not find it. I told her I would be on my way in a few minutes. Upon my arrival I met her husband Richard Brown. Richard proceeded to tell me the story about the doe he shot that evening and was not able to locate her. TBoy my blood dog had to work very hard on this one even though the deer did not run very far. Richard told me there was more than one deer in the food plot. TBoy must have picked up the scent of the other deer. We worked the area for about 30 to 45 minutes with no results. I decided to start working TBoy back to the location of where the deer was shot and low and behold TBoy found the the deer. Richard told me that he and the guys at the camp were skeptical about calling out a tracker, but after the recovery he was convinced that blood dogs are a great thing and joined the association. The point is don't give up until there is no other options. Thanks to Richard for doing the ethical thing even though it was a doe. GREAT JOB RICHARD "RECOVER WHAT YOU SHOOT"

My name is Chad Gaspard, I learned about your site from Mark Liprai. Mark got me interested in getting my own tracking dog. I purchaased a 3 month old Catahoula over Black Mouth Kurr puppy and named her Marley. I began training her. I worked with her one solid week on tracking and one week on obedeance training. I went on a hunt in Crockett, Tx last week and decided to take Marley along. During the hunt my brother in law shot a 10 Point Buck which ran off into a dense wooded area. My Brother in Law found one little spot of blood but could not find the deer. He called me on my cell phone while I was in my Blind. He told me what happened. i told him to stay put and i would be right over with Marley because I wanted to see how she would react. I pulled up to where he was, and strapped a 30 foot long lead to Marley's vest. I brought her over to the spot of blood and asked her to !
> "check it" She did and then immediately turned towards the woods and took off nose down. At first I was thinking "no way!!" I followed her into the woods at a distance of 200 yards. Low and behold there was the Buck! I was completely blown away!! My 3 1/2 month old puppy found her first deer!! And with absolutly no help! By this point we had an audiance of about 6 hunters who were all in shock that a puppy did this. I am now hooked!

"First Deer"

KaSandra Aime, age 9, killed her first deer youth weekend while hunting with her dad in Greensburg, LA. She was hunting with her youth model 243 rifle when this 8 point buck was stopped dead in his tracks with one shot. After speaking with KaSandra dad (Andy) I was not sure who was more excited, Andy or KaSandra. Andy sounded like someone had cut his tongue in half. Never the less Andy was very proud of his daughter. Great Job KaSandra. Andy good luck topping this.

The Deer That We Almost Did Not Recover

Ryan Aucoin came to me at the beginning of September and was inquiring about being a tracker. Ryan and I worked several times with Cash (his dog). After working with Ryan and Cash I knew that they would be a good pair to have as a Southern Blood Tracker Member. Ryan and Cash are very young and have a desire to learn. On January 8, I was on my way home from the camp when Ryan called me and said he needed some help, I asked Ryan what was the problem. Ryan advised me there was a deer that had been shot the day before. Cash tracked that deer for over 1000 yards jumping the deer several times; Ryan made the correct decision to stop the track. The deer was never recovered. That happens from time to time, like our logo says “IF IT’S DOWN IT FOUND”. The part of the puzzle that was missing is it was not down. The very next morning another deer was shot from the same stand. A different person shot this one. Ryan received the phone call by the land owner and wanted to know if he minded coming back out. Ryan and Cash returned to the location. After looking for a while Ryan decided to give me a call to see if I could help him figure out the puzzle. Ryan proceeded to tell me that the blood trails were on top of each other, that’s right the deer ran the same way. I told Ryan I would be there in a minute. When I showed up Ryan proceeded to tell me the story. I brought TBoy my blood dog with 8 plus years of experience. TBoy worked the trail very slow, a lot slower than normal, I was alittle worried at first. But at the end TBoy recovered the deer. When I went to praise him I looked to my right about 2 foot off the ground coiled up on some vines was a very large cotton mouth. I DON’T LIKE SNAKES. We removed the deer and went back to the truck. The problem that cash was having was the blood trails were crossing. Ryan and Cash did an awesome job. The moral of the story is that if you have an old dog or a puppy the end result needs to be the same. This is NOT a competition on whose dog is better or has more experience; we are all in this together to do the ethical thing. When trackers work together we can have the best of both worlds. The end result was the same, we recovered the deer. Please continue to Support Southern Blood Trackers Association and the trackers. We will always do our best to recover your games.


This is James Watkins dog named Sadie. Sadie is a two year old Lacy Dog. James has been working with her for two years and she is doing great. This is Sadies first buck recovery. She has found a couple other deer this year also, we are so proud of her. Keep up the great work James and Sadie.

AWESOME! Cash did an awesome job. He found the deer and it was still alive. His bell stopped ringing, and I knew what that meant. About 250 yard track. Great Job Ryan Aucoin and Cash